Friday, October 14, 2011

Graham's Arrival- {Part One}

I am writing this mainly for me, so I don't forget anything. It was semi eventful. I'll do two parts because it's kinda long.

They say every baby is different. Graham has been different since his arrival. "They" say, the second baby comes earlier, and faster. Well, "they " are not always right. With this tid bit of information, I expected to have a September babe. When October rolled around, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad that I was still pregnant. Now, even though my husband will always remind me of how much complaining I did at the end, I still enjoyed being pregnant, I was just "done." So when I went to my 39 week appointment, and was told I hadn't made much progress and that my blood pressure was going up, come on people, I was STILL pregnant, it took all I had not to cry in the Dr. office. He wanted me back the next week to check my blood pressure, if it was high, he was going to induce me that night. Fast forward to that Monday. Dylan woke up sick with a fever, so my plans of dropping him off at Becca's were off, but he wasn't going to help my blood pressure. I made Adam meet me at the Dr. yes, it was an appointment that took 5 min, but I knew my pressure would be high with a sick, crying baby with me! After the check, my Dr. asked me if I wanted to get on the induction schedule for the end of the week. I would be 40 weeks, he wouldn't let me go further than Saturday. We were to be at the hospital at 10 PM on Thursday night to start the process, IF I didn't go before then. I didn't.

We get to the hospital, and after all the paperwork, and IV's and set up, I don't get my meds until about midnight, by then I was exhausted, and ready for bed. They offered me an Ambien, I denied, but after about an hour of just laying there, went ahead and asked for it. When she brought it in, she asked me if I could feel all of the contractions that I was having. I could not. My blood pressure was pretty high, of course, so she had me flip onto my side, and try to get some sleep.

About an hour or two later, I can't remember, Ambien, remember? I woke up with about 6 people standing around me. One was putting an oxygen mask on, one was adjusting the contraction monitor, one adjusting Graham's heart rate monitor, one jabbing me in the arm with something to stop my contractions, and one telling me that I was contracting constantly, and they needed to give my uterus a break, and Graham's heart rate had dipped significantly. It was a good time. Shortly after, all was good, and we would reconvene around 9 to discuss the next step.

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The Links said...

The EXACT same thing happened to me. I was so scared because I had no idea what they were doing and what was wrong. I apparently had a HUGE 7-8 minute contraction and all the things you said happened to you were happening to me.