Saturday, October 15, 2011

Grahams Arrival {part two}

Friday morning, my Dr. came in around 9 AM, and had the nurses start the dreaded Pitocin. He wouldn't start it until I had gotten the epidural though, so that was what took so long. I love epidurals!:) So they started me on a drip and also put an internal monitor on Graham. He was moving around so much, they were having a hard time keeping a monitor on his heart rate. At this time, I had gone from 2 to 4 cm, just on the meds they gave me before. My cervix was still very unfavorable. I wasn't happy to hear that needless to say. After about 45 min on the pitocin, I was contracting well so they came and checked me, 5 cm. I also didn't know at this time that they were going to turn off the pitocin. Graham was having some heart rate issues. So for the next 2 and a half hours I was just contracting and dilating on my own. Then when I got to an 8, they turned it back on to finish it out. My Dr. thought that I would have delivered already, so he wanted to get me complete. My epidural started to wear off on my left side, so I felt a ton of pressure. I called the nurse to tell her. She said that I was close but not ready. About 5 min later I called again, my nurse had gone to lunch, this is what the other nurse said.

Me- I'm feeling LOTS of pressure.

Her- Megan went to lunch, can you wait 20 min for her to come back?

Me- I guess.

2 min later she comes into the room. " Dr. Chester called and wants me to check you. Oh yeah you are complete. I'll call Megan and Dr. Chester"

Megan comes in and since Graham had been really high and not dropping, wanting to try some practice pushes, to get him to come down a little. The first push, she stops me halfway through telling me he is RIGHT there, and that I don't need to "practice." Dr. Chester took about another 5 min to get there, I was really afraid Graham was going to just fall out. After one and a half pushes he was here. My first thought was that he looked a lot like Dylan.

I know many people are wary of inductions, but other than a few hiccups, I had a very successful induction. Less than 4 hours from pitocin to delivery. They said why the other stuff sent my body into fits was that it was just way to strong. So aside from that, I would be induced again. It was kind of nice knowing when it was happening and having a plan for Dylan. But of course I wouldn't do it until I was 40 weeks.

We are surviving as a family of four. I won't lie, it's hard. Dealing with a newborn and a toddler who wants attention. Dylan loves his baby brother, and hopefully my next post will be on how he is adjusting:)

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