Thursday, June 21, 2012

G'Day Mate

Grandma's are funny
This last week, Adam's sister Laura has been in town.  As many of you know from previous mentions, Laura lives in Sydney.  She was just granted her student Visa so she will be there for another couple of years at the least.  We were lucky enough to spend some time with her and her boyfriend, Andrew, in Hawaii, but this time, she was lucky enough to spend some time with our boys.  Although she has seen them on Skype, she hadn't seen them in person since Dylan turned two.  Lots has changed since then. 

Lucky for her, we are always willing to let our boys go over and hang out with their Aunt. Last Thursday, Adam's office had a celebratory happy hour that I was invited to, I dropped the boys off and headed over to Bone Daddy's ( classy right?) while Dylan and Graham got to hang out with their Aunt.  Dylan is always a little shy at first, especially when he and his brother had fallen asleep in the car on the way there ( Thank you no nap at school) He warms up quickly and was super excited to play.  After Happy hour we joined them for a homemade meat dinner that was sausage, buffalo steaks, beef steaks, and some fish.  Never send my mother in law and sister in law into Central Market alone!  That is what happens.  All was delish, and the boys had a great time, Dylan didn't want to leave, he kept saying "Moa, Moa" when we were leaving.

We also went over for dinner on Father's day.  Us ladies had planned a trip to the Dallas Arboretum to take a look at the much talked about Chihuly glass exhibit, on Monday morning.  (With both Adam and me being in deigns classes in college, we had both studied him, and been to the Bellagio in Vegas where some of his work is displayed.) Dylan got his wish, and stayed over at his grandparents house Sunday night, so that he could get as much sleep as possible.  I was aiming to be at their house by like 8:30, of course that ended up being closer to 9, but oh well.  I've never claimed that I'm never late!

The boys seemed to have a great time, and we were lucky in that it was a lovely day out.  Not too hot, and a nice breeze.  Other than a few tantrums about having to get back into the stroller because I refused to carry him, the day went pretty well.  Graham took a quick nap in the stroller, until Dylan woke him up, so that could have been better, but he was in a pretty good mood once I got a bottle into him. 

After spending the morning and early afternoon we had to hurry home so that Dylan could get a good nap because we had to go to the soccer game that was mentioned in a previous post.  Lucky for me, I can threaten Dylan with NOT going to the soccer game, and he listens pretty well.  I'm not above bribery or threats!

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