Friday, June 1, 2012

A week in paradise

Adam and I were very fortunate this year.  We were lucky enough to go and spend a week in Hawaii, with no children.  Erica, Adam's cousin, and he new husband were just stationed there, so they decided to have a beach destination wedding.  Lucky us!  Not only was this a child free trip, but it also happened to fall on our five year wedding anniversary.  I feel like this is a big one that we always talked about doing something for, but probably weren't going to.  For our ten year, we are totally going to Bora Bora, thought Adam hasn't agreed to this just yet! 
We had a great anniversary.   We actually had our fancy anniversary dinner a few days earlier, because the rehearsal dinner was on our actual day.  We went to Alan Wong's, it's the fanciest dinner in Honolulu.  We indulged in a bottle of wine, and the 6 course tasting menu.  Man we were full.
On the 26th, we got up early ( which we did every day) and hit up the Spa.  Adam had booked us a couples massage.  It was heavenly.  We followed the spa up with a walk on the beach, back to our hotel. We spent some time at the pool, and then took a nap.
Adam had also found this little BBQ joint on the other side of the island that he wanted to try out.  We were unsure of the amount of food for the rehearsal so we made our way over there.  It was this little hole in the wall place, but the food was actually pretty good.  Not that we had any bad food while we were there ( according to the 2 lbs I gained:/)
We rounded out our half decade anniversary partying it up at the rehearsal dinner, where we were not disappointed with the amount of booze, or food.  It was a great night, one of many. Also, for those wondering, my husband did get me a gift.  Although, once again, I did not get him a thing.  I'm a bad wife, I don't think I've gotten him anything, ever.  He picked out a necklace, without any input from me, and i love it.  I cant wait to wear it again. 


The Links said...

What a wonderful trip!! What perfect timing to celebrate your 5 year anniversary. Matt and I want to go on a vacation this fall for our 4th anniversary because I have a feeling I'm going to be pregnant or nursing on our 5 year anniversary.

The Links said...
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Lizy said...

5 years!! CONGRATS! sounds like an awesome trip...what's this about jumping out of a plane??