Wednesday, June 13, 2012

House Guests

Last week, due to certain medical reasons, our garage once again became a storage unit.  This time for my sister.  Not only did Erin move in, her two little furry children did as well.  Franklin and Einstein.  Beagle, basset mixes. You know, I didn't think a house as big as ours could ever feel crowded.  But try having four dogs and two little boys in your kitchen. It's chaos.  They are lucky they are cute though.

They love to play outside, and the other night I got some funny pictures of them, which is what promted this post .  They are great with Dylan and try to clean any lit bit of spit off of Graham's face.
Though sometimes Dylan can't throw the ball fast enough and they just snatch it out of his hand.  They do love to fetch though, and Dylan gets a huge kick out of it.
  So I guess they do have some redeeming qualities.  oh yeah, and they like to snuggle, once they can calm down enough to do so.  But of course, they think they weigh ten pounds when infact they weigh about forty.  Each.

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