Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two point five

Can you believe it? Dylan is two and half years old.   I haven't done a month post on Dylan in a while, mainly because, well not much changed from month to month anymore with him.  Since we had a well check yesterday, I thought that I would post about him.  He is , not surprisingly , still a peanut.  He gained over an inch and a half of a pound in six months.  Which is good, but it still only puts him at 34 Inches ( Graham was 28 at 6 months) and 23 lbs.  He is my tiny.  Which is actually good considering that he currently is in this state of " hold me mama."  He eats decently so his Pedi and I are chalking it up to a high metabolism

He finished up his first school year, and starts summer school today.  I'm sure we are going to have a fit because it will be a new school, new teachers, and new friends.  But hopefully he will get used to it.  We are also starting swim lessons on Friday.  So hopefully he will not panic when his head goes under water, nor will I. 

His speech is getting better, I'm excited to say, he finally says Mama, correctly.  I am not sure I have even heard him call me daddy today.  I call that success!  But of course, he is still behind.  I think he is getting a little better at people, other than Adam and I, understanding him.  Although sometimes it does sound like he is speaking Japanese.  We still see his therapist once a month, but his Pedi, suggested maybe looking at going private.  So I might start doing some research to get him somewhere come the fall.  I think the summer is going to be booked enough.

He is also becoming quiet obsessed with soccer.  Between watching me play, watching Adam play both outdoor and indoor, he is a little soccer player.  I had to take one of his T-shirts and have a number put on it just so he would have one.  He LOVES it, and throws huge fits when we make him take it off.  But hey, it makes him happy.  I'm already planning his soccer third birthday party!  
Speaking of fits, man, this last week it's been like he is punishing us for leaving him for a week.  He has been a pill.  Whiny, clingy, and throwing fits over the smallest things.  I'm hoping that since we won't be leaving him for that long again that he will get over his issues, and that it's not just because he is a two year old. * crosses fingers*


The Links said...

He is such a cutie!! Graham is going to be passing him up soon. Pearson already weighs 23 lbs which is crazy!!

Julie said...

I wanted to tell you that I can't even remember where I found your blog, but I bookmarked it because you also have two little boys and are on the same parenting adventure! I have two peanuts too---my oldest was 23 at 3 years old and my youngest was 19 at 15 months. And you have to love the fits---it would be too easy otherwise, right?