Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flying High- Getting to Mystic

The paci for take off, helped him fall asleep!
Well we made it.  We are back from our first vacation with the boys that involved a plane.  I know everyone gets tired of hearing how awesome my kids are, but seriously y'all they were incredible.  On the plane. In the hotel.  Out doing things for the wedding. Incredible.
Being silly

6 Am wake up call. Daddy wasn't ready
Luckily for us, we were flying with Adam's parents, so we had a couple extra sets of hands to help us out.  The boys each had their own seat, so we had the entire row 12.  Graham had to sit by the window because we lugged his car seat.  So it went, Graham, Adam , Me, and on the other side sat Dylan with Grandma and Grandpa.  He loved looking out the window.  Dylan was amazing on the way there.  We brought our DVD player, but of course it was dead, so he just kind of sat there the whole time.  Graham took about an hour and a half nap, and then was pretty OK as long as Adam was paying attention to him. 

waiting on our plane
Once we got to Hartford ( we went to Connecticut for a family wedding) we had about an hour drive to Mystic where we were staying.  I was worried about this because although the boys got their own hotel room ( spoiled much?) they were going to have to sleep in the same room.  That meant going to bed at the same time, hopefully not waking up at the same time.  Well we lucked out in that it was kind of a divided room so we hid them from each other.  It worked perfectly.  When we reached our room, the boys were exhausted since Dylan had had no nap, and Graham only a very short one.  So that night was easy.  Graham woke up REALLY early much to Adam and I's dismay, but luckily he went down for his first nap at about the same time Dylan did. 

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