Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Graham {11 Months}

My baby is almost a year old. *tear* He is getting to the point where his little personality shows me something new and hilarious everyday.  Graham still continues to be an easy baby.  I am pretty sure we escaped the separation anxiety with him.  I think part of it is that when we leave him with someone, usually Dylan is there with him.  He just adores his big brother.  They are so cute together.  When they see each other their faces light up. 

Nothing really all that exciting happened this month.  Graham can now stand up without holding onto anything, but still doesn't like to stand for long periods of time.  Though we can see the wheels turning on him walking.  He wants to so bad, but his balance isn't there yet.  I'm ready for him to walk, but also dreading it.  I want to be able to put him down in public!:) He has tried lots of new foods, and I'm trying really hard to get him off of purees, but he gets bored of eating.  One positive is that he will eat pretty much anything I put in front of him!  This month he had, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, cauliflower, quinoa, corn, pasta, edamame, he really enjoys Mexican beans and rice. He also had grapes, Mandarin oranges, and goldfish. What can I say, the kid likes to eat. 

Graham still doesn't have any words.  I mean, I guess "mama," he yells it when I leave the room sometimes.  But it certainly isn't on command nor is is frequent. His favorite word, is "bop" I still have no idea what it is, could be up, or ball, or bye bye, who knows!:)  He babbles a lot though which is better than Dylan ever was.  He is trying to say bye bye, because Dylan loves to say it, and says it all the time now.  He will give great high fives, and claps all the time, but still no waving.  Though, just like with Dylan, I don't wave to him hardly at all, because it seems silly, so when I think about it I will.  He just laughs and thinks is funny.  He has really started to like pointing.  If we are reading a book, then he will point to things and I'll tell him what they are.  He also shakes his head "no" Though often he doesn't mean no, he just thinks it's funny!:)  Silly boy!

Graham gained two more teeth this month as well. His two top front teeth. A grand total of six now.  And in the exact order of Dylan.  Crazy right?
Vacation.  That was this months biggest I would say.  We are gearing up for his first plane right here in two weeks.  Hopefully that goes as smoothly as the drive to Colorado.  If they do well, we might be crazy enough to consider taking them to see their Aunt Laura in Australia in February.  But a three hour plane ride is a far cry from a 17 hour one!:)
We have been working lately on being gentle or soft.  He tends to throw things at his bestie Caleb, and well, Caleb does NOT think it is funny.  So hopefully, I can get Graham away from his bullying ways!:) 

Graham is still sleeping really well.  He does great with just one nap a day if we are out and about in the morning, but I try to keep that in there as much as possible so that he won't drop it completely.  I still like to have that time with Dylan alone if Graham will take a morning nap.  I'm looking into a blackout arch shade for his room.  I think he would sleep in a little later if it were darker in his room.  At his grandparents he sleeps until like 9!  I want that at our house!:)

In the next few weeks, I will be gearing up for his birthday party.  I have invitations in my possession, just need to send them out, I've ordered his shirt, a custom bib for eating cake, put a deposit down on the cake, and ordered some supplies.  I have the menu planned and everything in my head.  The next Graham month post will include pictures of his big day! Oh my!

11 Months Stats:

20ish pounds
31ish inches
12 Month onsies
12 month sleepers
4 8 oz bottles plus three meals
sleeping great, 2 naps

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