Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Party Hardy

A few weeks ago, Adam and I were lucky enough to get to spend the night out with friends celebrating a good friends 28th birthday.  Courtney had gone all out for this shin dig.  She rented a stretch Escalade limo, and made plans for us to have a few stops for drinks in Uptown.  It was really nice being about to drink what we wanted in the limo and not have to worry about it.  Though getting home we were on our own.  Luckily, I didn't have too much to drink, I was so full from eating, and tired from playing a soccer game hours before.  Anyway!  Adam and I don't go out to bars hardly at all.  I can only think of once in college and that was Adam's 21sst birthday, and he got so wasted.  I like to drink don't get me wrong.  It's expensive though, and I prefer to do it in my own home. 

I am really glad that we all went though, and got to let loose a little bit.  I think Courtney had a great time, and it's nice hanging out with friends without our children!  We have another birthday celebrating coming up in a few weeks that will involve more Uptown bar hoping.  Should be a great time.

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