Friday, September 28, 2012

Mystic Seaport

learning how rope was made
Watching something with Grampa
On our first full day there, we had the morning and early afternoon to do what we wanted, before we needed to be at the rehearsal dinner for the wedding.  We chose to visit the  Mystic Seaport.  For those of you who don't know, Adam's dad actually grew up in Rhode Island, and was a competitive sailboat racer.  So he knows a lot about boats.  Dylan was excited to see boats as well.  I am not sure when he gained this new found word, or love of boats, but I think we heard " I see boats" about 1000 times while we were there.

The seaport was pretty cool, it reminded me a lot of Old City park. A place we would go to for field trips in school. Dylan saw a horse, got to get in a barrel,  got to climb up on lots of boats, and even got to hear them " toot toot."  He was really sad that most of them didn't toot their horns though.  We also heard "toot too" a lot. 

In a barrel
He was hungry!
Graham enjoyed the ride for the most part.  He had done lots of sitting so was pretty ancy by the time we were ready to leave to get back for nap time.  But that was after lunch time of course.  Adam and I were on a mission to eat as many lobster rolls, and clam chowder that we could.  So that's what we had for lunch! 

The weather was beautiful.  About the time we were thinking about putting on our jackets, our waitress said something like" Yeah, it's starting to get warm though"  I guess that just sums it up.  We weren't in Texas anymore!:)

Capitan Dylan
After naps we headed to Adam's aunts house where we had a delicious authentic homemade Mexican dinner.  It was a lovely evening outside ( I actually wore a sweater, and the boys were in long sleeves and Jeans) I can't wait until the weather cools down here!

The next day was the wedding!  I'll post on that later!

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