Friday, November 2, 2012

Cha-Cha- Changes

In May of 2007 Adam graduated from A&M with a degree in Environmental Science.  We got married, and moved to Philadelphia for him to receive a Masters of Architecture.  Then, the market crashed.  We moved back, and finding a job seemed impossible.  He stayed at home with Dylan and I for the first seven months of Dylan's life.  Then he got a temporary job, that turned into a permanent one.  Sadly, this was not a job in architecture, but in mechanical estimating.  He went on several interviews over the next several months, but nothing happened.  Last year, he went on an interview and a few days later was told to expect an offer.  This company went as far as to have the head  principal call him on a Sunday evening and say they were writing the offer and to expect it Monday.  I believe over a week went by before Adam had to call them and they then told him that they were going to be unable to hire anyone at this time.  Shitty right?

A few months later he interviewed at a few more places, and got nothing.  He would follow up, but still, no one was hiring.  A couple of weeks ago, he sent another follow up email, but this time, they actually needed someone so they wanted him to come in for a second interview.  They told him in the meeting, that they had given themselves one month to interview, so they would let him know as soon as they did.  Less than a week later, he got a call saying that he would be receiving an offer.  Here is where I got a little nervous.  We are going to be going to Australia for two full weeks in the middle of February.  Not many places want to hire someone who will be gone for such a long time so quickly. 

Adam told them about the trip before excepting their offer.  They had no problem, since he had told them so far in advance.  So, if you read all of this, you got it.  Adam is officially on his way to becoming an architect.  He isn't technically one now, and he gets frustrated when people call him one.  He has a seven part, $1500.00 test to take before he can call himself an architect. 
I am so incredibly proud of him for trying so hard and getting so many interviews.  I am a little sad that this will probably mean less time with him.  Architects are known for long days.  I guess the boys and I will just be having lunch in Uptown a lot.:)

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