Thursday, November 1, 2012

pumpkin painting

I think it's a pretty popular thing to let toddlers do.  Carving is still a bit to old for them, so I know lots of pumpkin painters this year.  Last week, to kill some time while Graham was napping, I pulled out Dylan's finger paints, painting shirt ( which he loves) and some pumpkins we had picked up at his school's patch.  First, he wanted to just paint paper.  He was very clean about it.  I was impressed. I guess school has taught him that.  I can't say that I have ever painted with Dylan, because well, it's a mess.  After he painted about 15 sheets of paper, I pulled out the pumpkin. 

He wanted to use his hands, but every two seconds would say " Wash hands mama, mess"  Dylan is in no way particular about getting messy.  He just likes to wash his hands.  I think they do it a lot at school.  It's a good habit he found. 
When he was all done, he was being so silly.  Acting mad that I wouldn't wash his hands just yet.  I knew that as soon as I did, he would want to paint again.  So I made him sit there for a few minuets to make sure he was done.  This boy is full of attitude.  You can't help but love him when he gives this face.  He does it because he knows it's funny.  Silly boy.

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