Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I have not done a iPhone dumb, in probably 6 months at least.  I synced my phone and learned how to get photo's here without emailing them to myself ( I know, I behind the times) so hopefully I'll be able to do these more frequently.  Some of these are really old.  Like from the summer.  I obviously didn't do all the months, but picked some of my favorites. 

He convinced me to go to the park!
He always wants to sleep with the strangest things

I was happy that I have skinny kids so they could both fit in the cart!
Boppy Head
Making him work for his dinner ( not really of course)
Dylan was teaching him the playground ropes

Couch potato
Silly boy entertaining himself at a wedding reception!
pure joy costs 50 cents.
I have so many posts I need to do.  So expect a bunch in the next week or so!  We've been busy!

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