Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Graham {12 Months}

We made it.  One year.  It certainly doesn't seem like Graham has been here that long. I remember so vividly going to the hospital.  I don't remember the nights in the beginning when he wasn't sleeping well.  Adam reminds me of them, but I don't remember.  Funny how that happens isn't it. 

Graham has turned into such a little boy this month.  He started walking, throwing tantrums when something gets taken away from him.  He has an opinion on what he eats, and drinks, and does.  I'm not so sure we will escape toddler hood as easily as it seems we might with Dylan. 

Graham's birthday brought sickness to our house.  The thirty degree temperature drop didn't help at all.  The day of Graham's party, he woke up with a snotty nose.  Sunday, and Monday he just wasn't himself.  Today, back to normal.  Still no fever.  We made it over a year without a fever.  I think he is going to have my immune system. ( thank goodness)

Aside from turning one, the biggest milestone is walking.  He is walking a few months before Dylan, which is no surprise. I like that he walks, I can put him down in public and he can't get to far that quickly yet, and I can free my hands.  He also currently follows me, or Dylan so I don't worry much.  He certainly walks more than he crawls so that is nice.

 We are also trying to wean off of bottles and formula.  We've dropped one bottle, and he is currently only getting 6 oz of formula, the rest just milk.  He isn't sure of the milk out of a sippy cup yet though. 

He has become such a giggly,happy boy this month.  He loves to be thrown around by daddy, or "hopped" as we call it.  He thinks it is hilarious. 

He has also been full of funny faces this month.  I'm glad he is becoming animated, but it's funny, he still won't smile at strangers.  Well he will if they are acting really silly to get him too. I think it's a game he likes to play.  " You look stupid, and I'll smile"

I have kind of dropped him down to one nap.  It makes it much easier to be able to do Jump Mania, Gymnastics, or anything in the morning with him not taking that nap.  If we are home he will take a morning nap, but then sometimes the afternoon nap is nonexistent.  I'm ok with that since I can put him in his crib and he will just play.  When we are out and about he will nap in the afternoon the same time as Dylan so that I can have some down time.  It's nice.

He is going to be my independent boy.  He will wonder off and play without caring where I am.  A vast difference from his big brother.  I love watching him play.  He currently loves to put things in, and take out.  The shoe box of blocks is his favorite. 

This kid will also eat anything.  But real bananas.  his favorite since his birthday party have been blueberries, he just can't get enough.  He also likes toast, and Kraft mac and cheese.  Go figure, Dylan just started eating that, so I'm happy it's an easy meal.  I'm glad I have an eater though.  One of my fears of stopping formula is that he will stop gaining weight.  So I predict that we will be in the high chair a lot this coming month!

Graham also has started giving kisses on demand.  He actually was doing it last month, but I forgot to put it in the update.  I looove his big open mouth kisses.  I forgot how adorable those were.  He doesn't wave yet, but I think he is thinking about it.  He claps a lot, and recently has started doing it on command. "Uh Oh" is his word of the week.  It's funny to hear him say it, because we waited such a long time for Dylan to speak, it's sweet to hear Graham's little voice.  " Bop " is still a popular one.  I think that's it.  Mama occasionally.
12 Month Stats:

 Weight: 20ish lbs.
Length: 32 ish inches
Wearing size 12 and 18 month onsies 12 month sleepers
One, sometimes two naps a day
Eating mostly solid food

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[darci @ the good life] said...

Happy belated birthday to your sweet, handsome ONE YEAR OLD!!!!

Isn't it just crazy how quickly their first year goes by. So bittersweet!

And I have to agree that having a babe that is pretty independent (with regards to not having to be right next to you all of the time) is pretty nice! Jackson is the same way and sometimes I wish he 'needed' me more, but for the most part, it's wonderful that he'll play on his own a lot too!

Anyway - such precious photos!!!! Happy bday to your baby boy!