Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blue and Green Bash

Graham's birthday has come and gone.  I spent way too much time thinking about it, and too much time working on it. I didn't even do much, a simple pennant banner, high chair skirt, and I spray painted a few things.

I would say though, another success full party was had.  We do pretty small birthday's for our kids, I only invite people who have actually seen, or had some roll in their lives.  Even with a small group I always feel overwhelmed.  I went with colors this year, just as before, no themes, if you haven't figured it out, I'm not a theme kind of person.  Navy blue, baby blue and shades of green were the colors this year.  I think everything came out very well. 

We did a birthday brunch, the menu included, a yogurt bar, with homemade granola, ham and cheese quiche, pigs in a blanket, pineapple chicken salad with croissants,Brown sugar bacon and the hit with the kids were the donut hole pops!  Oh, and the most important, mimosa's, and several different varieties of coffee set up on the Keurig.  We thought we made enough food for about 50 people, but surprisingly, there wasn't much left!  Everyone enjoyed everything. 

Graham wasn't in the best of moods, he woke up with a snotty nose, and well, he didn't want to skip his nap that day.  Once he got a little( a lot) cake in him , he got a second wind and was ready to open presents.  Everyone got him awesome toys.  Somehow not one things was a duplicate.  Even with toys we already had, so that was pretty awesome.  So far, the favorites are the dinosaur's from the Murray family, and the octopus from my childhood friend Lauren. 

The cake.  Oh my Graham loved his cake. He got soooo mad when we wouldn't let him touch the fire.  The audacity of us right? but once he could touch that cake, it was all over.  He ate pretty much the whole thing.  good thing it was much smaller than Dylan's was or we would have had an issue! Once again, I went all out on the cake.  I used a different bakery this year, and I was very impressed.  It was yummy, and everyone loved it.

Notice my excitement for Dylan, Graham is playing in the background!
 I still can't believe that my baby is one, and I can't believe I have another party to start planning for December.  Why did I have babies with only 2 months between birthdays?

I hope that you enjoy these pictures.  Since I deleted them off my photo card before they got to my computer, it cost me $40 to retreieve them.  I just couldn't not have documentation of his birthday.

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The Links said...

What a cute party. The bib my Mom made for you turned out so cute. It matches your color scheme perfect!!