Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Connecticut Wedding

Despite running a little behind, the wedding went off without a hitch.  The boys were doing great, luckily it was outside, they were playing and pretty quiet during the ceremony.  Of course, we were bribing Dylan with cake. " You need to be quiet if you want cake" "You need to sit down if you want cake." " Do you want cake?  Ok come here"  I'm not above it people.  It works. 

I loved seeing both my boys dressed up and looking nice.  did I mention that Graham decided being a full time walker would be a pretty fun idea while we were on vacation?  He walked pretty much everywhere. 
He thinks that baby is pretty cute!
The boys spent the cocktail hour wrestling each other on the ground.  I had no less than 5 people come and tell me how adorable they were, so I figured they weren't really bothering anyone, so we didn't make them stop.  They were entertaining themselves, so I try to stay out of it!

brotherly love
The DJ had lights set up and all the little kids enjoyed chasing them on the floor.  Adam and I had realized that this was the first wedding that we had been too that had a bunch of kids.  It was fun to watch them all, it probably helped that they were all acting pretty good. 

Cake drunk
Dylan ate pretty well, so we granted him his cake.  His great Aunt also got him another piece, so he was pretty cake drunk by the end of the night.  Luckily he is still a tiny thing, so I felt like I did my part to fatten him up that day.  The next morning, Adam's parents offered to take the boys for the day so Adam and I could go do our own thing.  We went to Newport and toured a couple of mansions.  Sadly, they won't let you take pictures inside of them.  We went to the Vanderbilt's mansion, The Breaker house, and we went to the Marble house.  Both were incredible.  To see something like that built in today's world would be awesome.  Won't ever happen though, wayyy to spendy!

It was nice to see Adam's side of the family that doesn't live in Texas, but we were equally glad to be heading home and back to our normal routines with the boys.  They did great, but even still, it's pretty stress full traveling with two kids.  The flight home was just about as great at the one there, this time, Dylan took a nap too. 

We thought the kids had done so great, that we even agreed to go to Australia with them in February.  Plans have changed for the better( for Adam and me) and they won't be going.  Maybe in a few years when they can appreciate a trip like that. 

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