Monday, October 22, 2012


"If life deals you lemons, make lemonade."
This past weekend didn't go according to plan.  I am sure that I had mentioned that I was going to play in a soccer tournament.  Adam was heading down to College Station to the football game, and Grandma and Grandpa had already signed up for babysitting.
All was fine until Thursday night.  We had a soccer game that was a makeup.  I walked out the door and Adam yelled " Don't hurt yourself."  About half time, I was trying to keep my girl from scoring, and well I hurt myself.  My ankle.  At least she didn't score right?  I tried to walk it off, but it wasn't happening.  I had some guy help me to the sideline where my ankle continued to throb.  It was looking like I might be on the sidelines for the tournament. 
Friday morning, I woke up and was completely unable to put any pressure on my foot. At. All.  I was crying and panicking about how I was going to handle the boys and getting them to their grandparents.  By this time, I knew I had to see a Doctor, and that going to Tulsa was out of the question. Adam ended up rushing to get the boys packed and taking them over to his parents on his way to work.  I crutched along ( funny, Adam's parents had given us two sets of crutches on Thursday because they found them and didn't want them.) and tried to find a doc who could get me in, of course, no one could.  So I called my insurance to see if they would cover an urgent care type place.  Luckily they would.  Now, I wouldn't have gone to a dr, but the pain was on the inside of my foot, not the outside.  Doctor Google had lead me to believe that if the pain is on the inside, it's most likely a break as well because well, I don't know why, but that's what they said.  So of course I start freaking out.  A few X-rays later, I'm diagnosed with a "severe sprain"  I've sprained my ankles before people, this hurt so much worse than anything, and I'm not really a baby. 
So the weekend was spent with my sister, who was coming over to watch the dogs.  We ordered pizza, rented movies, and just vegged.  It was nice not having the boys!  Saturday I went with her over to her girlfriends house, and we drank and ate.  It was a good time.  I was afraid that I was going to be in so much pain and not want to do anything.  My pain has subsided but I still walk with quiet a limp because the joint is so swollen.  It's starting to bruise so that is fun. 

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Julie Rogers said...

Oh goodness--you poor girl:) I broke my ankle a couple years ago (with a 2 month old and 2 year old) and I feel for anyone with ankle injuries---not cool at all! Get better soon!!!