Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Ducks

He was a fan of the big ones!
Monday morning, I woke up and thought that it would be fun to picnic at the park.  We hadn't done it in a while, and Dylan really likes to eat outside. They had a picnic at school last Thursday, and he had pretty much been asking to eat outside every meal since. 

Graham has been recovering from his upset tummy last week, so I put him down for a nap, and packed our lunch.  Becca was bringing goodies, so I made some PB&J's, grapes, Dylan insisted on string cheese ( which he didn't even eat) and some tiny pears we got in the co-op this week.   Most importantly, I found some moldy bagels in the bottom of the bread basket ( yes, I still haven't cleaned out my pantry) I thought they would be perfect for feeding the ducks.  Don't worry, I picked off all the moldy parts:) 
I promise, they thought this was fun!
We headed to the park, where most of the food was not eaten.  The big boys were way to concerned with playing.  Graham did attack a pear though.  I know what I'm going to give him in the high chair to entertain him!:) They went down slides, and we all swang, went potty then headed over to the ducks.  Dylan wanted to ride in the stroller, I didn't bring my double.  Lucky for him, Becca did so he got to catch a ride on his besties lap!
All the bread was gone.
They loved the ducks.  Dylan was a fan of the larger ducks.  He would squat to get to their level, hold out food for them to take from his hand, then as they would walk closer, he would throw it.  It was adorable.  There were tons of ducks there.  As soon as they saw us walk up, they all waddled our way.  It's like they know kids always bring bread for them.  As soon as we were done, another stroller walked up and they quickly relocated.  Smart ducks.

It was a great morning, with beautiful weather.  It wore the boys out, so Dylan took a great nap.  Graham refused to take on after, so really joke was on me. But I'm betting we will be visiting those ducks more in the next few months since the weather is perfect for the park.

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