Monday, November 12, 2012

"Mama, no out"

Big Boy Bed
Helping take the front off
This is pretty long, and boring. It's more for my own documentation. Read at your own risk!

There have been big changes here in the Fenner House. At the ripe old age of almost three years old, Dylan is now in a big boy bed. We hadn't really ever had a reason to switch him. Many people switch the older sibling when the new baby is on the way so they can use the crib. We bought Dylan's bed intending him to use it for a long time, so that wasn't a big deal. Honestly, he wasn't ready. I don't know how people change 18 month olds. Blow my mind.

  I'd been thinking about switching his bed, well just because he is almost three. He never once climbed out of or into his crib. He loved it. I loved it. If I needed a break for a bit, I could put him up there and he couldn't get out! I'll be honest, I am so happy that he is now out of the crib. No more lugging a pack and play, or worrying about where he will sleep.

Graham was ready to sleep!:)
I decided we would do it on a Friday, in case he was up a lot at night, I wouldn't be the only person to deal with him. I talked about it ALL week. How we were making his bed a big boy bed, and how when mama and Daddy put him in there he wasn't allowed to get out. All week I asked him if he was supposed to get out. His response " Mama, No out" I told him I would spank him if he got out, so now if I ask him what happens if he gets out, he will hit his bottom! I find it funny. But at least he gets it.

Loves it!
We bought him a special "big boy" blanket, and we let him help take the crib apart. He was so excited. He watched for Daddy to pull into the driveway and asked him the second he walked into door " Daddy, this off now?" He loved it. We let him play in it, get up and down, jump off of it ( which we stopped pretty quickly.) Graham loved it. Everyone was so happy.

"Mama, No out"
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Friday night. We got him ready for bed, told him we would read him a book in bed, but as soon as we put him in there, he laid down, told us " no out" blew us kisses and that was that. Adam and I walked out and thought to ourselves," It can't be that easy right?" But it was. We didn't hear a peep from him the rest of the night. I woke up at about 1 AM, and he wasn't in bed. I went upstairs to check on him, and he was sprawled out in the middle of his floor wrapped in his blanket, snoring. I stood there for a second thinking a few things. 1) I wished that I could take a picture without waking him up. 2) should I leave him or move him back? I had decided to leave him and started to close his creaky door when he woke up. I moved him back to the bed, and he whined for a little bit saying he wanted to get out. I rubbed his head and he went back to sleep by the time I got back down stairs. He slept the rest of the night in his bed and woke up normally.

Saturday, he basically begged Adam to go take a nap, and he was just as easy at bedtime. So far, this has been so easy, and our first born has surprised us yet again. I really hope that Graham is this easy with life. Though, with the amount of tantrums I already get, I'm guessing he won't be.


Becca said...

YEAH Dylan! Super cute pictures.

Casey said...

We are doing this now too! Ordered his conversion kit last week and have beent alking it up. He is very excited and so am I! I have a feeling Everett will be a climber-outer and not give us a choice.Glad it went smoothly.