Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hospitality and Halloween

The last weekend in October was a super busy one in this house.  First and for most, we had our friend David in town from NYC.  We met David while at Penn, he and Adam quickly became good friends and have remained in contact since.  He came for the weekend, and probably got more than he bargained for.  We had a few things on our list to show him while he was in town.  It was his first trip to Texas, so we wanted to take him to a few of our favorite places.  We started off at Top Golf, went to Bob's Steak and Chop house for dinner, then hit up a few bars( not that we have bar favorites, but we took him to some anyway) Also on our list for that weekend was Rudy's BBQ and our favorite Mexican place, Casa Milagro.

During this weekend, we also had Caleb's First birthday party, Trunk or Treat, a Halloween party at our neighbors ( that was all one day) and then of course Hurricane Sandy.  David tried to escape Texas a day early to miss the storm, but because of a faulty air conditioner in the plane, he got stuck.  His original flight was supposed to be Monday, but he didn't leave until Wednesday morning.  Needless to say, I think he was ready to leave and get away from two little tiny tots that roam this house.

Saturday night after all of the kiddo things, we borrowed last second costumes and headed over to our neighbors with Becca and Garet.  Every year they have a costume and adults only party.  It's a good time.  They go all out, and are a little crazy with Halloween in general.  But hey, getting some drinks and getting away from the kiddo's for a bit is always a good time.  We had a great weekend, and I was very happy to see our friend.  I hope that he isn't scared off by our children, and we can plan a visit again for next year.  Maybe neutral ground though!

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