Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eight is Great

Yesterday, Dylan turned eight months old. Seriously, only 4 months until he is ONE! He is turning into his own little person, and it's so fun to watch him learn and grow each and every single day. This month was a BIG one. First off, he got two new teeth. As of a few days before his 8 month birthday, I'm pretty sure he is working on his top two as well. At first I was sad that I wouldn't have that gummy smile to take pictures of, but the more I see those two little pearly whites, to more I love them:) The next big milestone is that he can worm crawl. I have some videos to share with you. It's amazing how much better he has gotten at it in only a week or two. Soon, he'll be on the move, and I will be even more exhausted. The first video is the first day he scooted. The second at the bottom is the third day. SUCH progress.

So this month:
According to my very scientific way of weighing him( weighing myself holding him, then alone, and subtracting, he weights 16 pounds. Yup, that's all. This kid is skinny. Still wearing 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes. Eating solid foods twice a day (most days), still sleeping like a champ, gets to sit in the high chair when we go out to eat, LOVES to watch his mommy and daddy dance ( though, if anyone reading has seen Adam and I dance, you know it's a short lived love. Soon, he'll just be embarrassed. ) Still loves his jumperoo, and now his "car". Can stand as long as someone is holding him up. If we separate his feet far enough, he can stand holding the table. LOVES to " clap" .Though can't do it without us clapping his hands together. Looks more like a little boy than an infant in many pictures. Can scoot, or inch worm if you will, only when there is something in front of him. And takes 2-3 naps a day( in his crib) Loves playing peek-a-boo.

Getting him up in the morning is one of my favorite times during the day. He is so happy, and smiley. But he started doing this thing with his bumper, because well, he can't pull up yet, so he pulls down his bumper and "peeks" at us between the bumper and the top rail of the crib. It's adorable, because once he sees us, you can hear him start kicking and giggling. He's just such a happy boy.

Some other milestones on the parent front as well. This month I packed up all his newborn clothes. It made me a little sad, I just couldn't believe that those clothes were once so big on him. They were so tiny. He also hasn't slept in his swing in over a week, so I think that it will be put away this weekend. He just got to where he was sleeping weird and it didn't look comfy. So we made him move to take naps in his crib. Luckily, he loves his crib.


Murray Family said...

also is it just me, or does he have more hair?

The Fenner's said...

yes yes he does!:) Not a whole lot, but some!

jordy liz said...

he is so happy and cute! love it.