Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friends with Exes

Possibly it's because Adam and I have been together since we were 15, and didn't really have time for "serious" exes. But not being friends with our exes would mean trouble for us. Oh yeah, wonder why I'm writing this? Two words, Teen Mom. Yes I know, I know I shouldn't watch such quality television, but I do. Every week. Catelynn and Tyler for those who don't watch it, are the couple that gave their baby up for adoption, and remained together. Maybe it's because they remind me of Adam and I ( aside from the whole teen pregnancy thing) but they are my favorite couple. Long story short, Tyler isn't happy with her that she was talking to her ex boyfriend via the telephone, and requested her phone records to see how often she called him. In the end, she gave them to him, but he threw them away. ( good boy) So this leads me to our exes.

If Adam and I didn't talk to our Exes we wouldn't have very many friends. Before Adam, I had one serious boyfriend in Jr. High. 8 Months, that's a LONG time in Jr High. Adam had a few in elementary school, none really to count as serious girlfriends.

If I couldn't be friends with my ex, We wouldn't have a best friend. Adam wouldn't have had a Best Man. Dylan wouldn't have a Godfather. I wouldn't have gotten flowers when my mom died.

If Adam couldn't be friends with his ex, I wouldn't have had a Maid of Honor. I wouldn't have someone I could count on for girls night( when she is in town). I wouldn't have a Mommy friend to check with when I have questions about Dylan.

If I had to put money on it, I would say that Adam and I benefit from being friends with our exes. Our exes make our lives better. They are some of the best friends anyone could ask for. Thanks for being in our lives Andrew and Becca!


Preemie Donna said...

I love that show and they are my favorite too.. Those are two of the most level headed kids I have ever seen and to have the most jaked up parents with no real support and be able to make a decision like that and for all the right reasons.

Preemie Donna said...

Owe and I am not friends with my Ex but I am friends with my HS BF Ex's Wife. Something good can come out of an ex. :)
And I live next door to my husband's ex wife.

Becca said...

We love y'all too! Can't wait to see you again and have a playdate and girls dinner. Congrats to Adam on the job also!