Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Fun

Not only has this very pregnant momma loved the recent cool down in weather, but I know of a couple of toddlers that have as well. You remember me telling you that Becca and her family moved into the neighborhood right? Well that has proven to be great for both of us. Both being pregnant, sometimes our hyperactive boys drive us nuts. So almost everyday, we try to get them together, becuase when they are together, they leave us alone. We get to sit on the couch and talk and relax.

div>Last week, we headed to the park for some early morning fun. Lets say, there were slides and bubbles involved. Once the bubbles were brought out, there was nothing else at that park though. Who knew that soapy water would be such a hit with kiddos. I wish I was "Mr. Bubble" and invented them!

Last week we also hit up a indoor safari park. The boys had lots of fun. They had two large ball pits, which of course were a hit, as well as a trampoline. It was Dylan's first time on one, I had video but my phone crashed the other day ( go back up your phone now people I lost so much!) he really didn't know what to do, but he has been "jumping" ever since.He jumps on the bed, on the floor, on the couch, he's a wild man, luckily his feet don't actually leave the floor yet! They had a great time, and it wore them both out, so they both took great naps, which means us momma's got good ones too!:)

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