Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 Months/ 2 years

This past Friday, the boys and I made a trip to the doctors office. Dylan for his two year check up and Graham for his two month check up. They didn't really want to go, and almost made us miss it. Both of them decided they wanted to sleep in, which meant mommy was sleeping too. My eyes popped open at about 8:30. Their appointment was at 9:10. I got them both up, fed, and dressed and out the door got to the doctor with even a little time to spare.

First up were weight checks. I made Dylan go first, because I knew that if Graham started crying, there was no way on Earth Dylan was going to do it.


23 lbs.

That's right people. He has finally made it to the growth curve. Even if it is like in the 1%ile:)

33.5 Inches

They asked me all the questions that they do, like, Does he drink out of a cup, Walk backwards, say six words, how he was eating, sleeping. He passed all of those with flying colors. Now since he started Mother's Day out, we have been to see Dr. Daniel a few times for infections. Dylan is never very happy about seeing him. But on Friday, he was so good. He let him listen to his heart, check his eyes, he still really dislikes his ears being messed with though. Interestingly enough, he had an ear infection again. The doc seemed to think it was the same cold as the one he had before thanksgiving, and the antibiotic just killed it enough for him to feel better, but then came back, so we are now on a 20 day antibiotic regime. Good thing he likes that stuff! We also got him the Flu mist. I thought that he had to get a shot or something, luckily for him he didn't. Graham on the other hand.

Graham was up next. I stripped him down and took him to the scale. I was really excited to see what he weighed. I knew he was going to be more than Dylan.


11 pounds 11 ounces- 41 %ile - (The highest dylan ever got was 25th!)
23 inches- 43th %ile

They didn't tell me what his hear was, but they said it was in the 25 %ile, which is funny, I thought he had a big noggin!

Next up was his check up. I missed most of it because I was having to entertain Dylan, but for the most part it was good. He does have a heart murmur. I have an innocent one, and Dylan had a soft one that went away when he was four months old. Though apparently this one is not soft, so we have been referred to a pediatric cardiologist. But never fear, according to our pedi, " He doesn't have heart disease, he wouldn't be thriving if he did." I never even thought that he would have, our pedi just always jumps to this weird sayings. Like when Dylan was delayed in speech he told me. " I don't think he is autistic, so I don't want you to think that is what I'm saying." Hello, I NEVER would have jumped there. He is an odd man sometimes! Anyway, so I will make an appointment and we will go have his heart checked. I remember going to have mine checked, I must have been 3 or 4. My mom and grandma, Mere, went with me. They told me if I was good, I could get black patent leather shoes from Payless. See, I've always been a shoe girl.

Graham was none to happy about getting 3 shots to the leg. He was a trooper and only cried a little bit, and by the time we made it to the car, he was already asleep. Though when he woke up I could tell his little legs hurt, because when I touched them he made the cutest sad face. Does that make me a bad mom? Saying his sad face is cute?

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