Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beep Beep Beep Beep

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Seriously, where did November go? I'm kind of sad at how fast our lives are going these days. I guess that is what having kids does to you. Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year. No traveling, unless you count a trip to Adam's parents house. They got lots of visitors though. Adam's Grandma and her husband, his aunt and uncle, and a cousin and her boyfriend.

The weekend started off with a beep on Wednesday night. Adam and I were waiting for his sister and cousin, Erica, to arrive at our house. It was probably 9:30 or so ( way past my bedtime) when we hear Dylan's carbon monoxide detector going off. Right. By. his. head. That thing is really freaking loud and I'm not kidding you when I say it was about 4 inches from his ear. Amazingly, he slept right through it. So we were kind of freaked out, Adam took Dylan out of his room until we could assess the situation. I on the other hand was like, oh it's probably just a battery going dead, the thing is 2 years old. I know I know, we are bad about changing batteries. So once we figure out that the beep that was going on was a dead battery beep and not the " four quick beeps with a 5 second pause" we felt we could sleep better.

Erica and Laura get to our house and we tell them about it, then we hear four beeps. all of us get kinda of freaked, we considered calling the fire department just to be safe, but we didn't. It wasn't a continuous beep like the instructions said it would be. We were fine. We changed the battery and plugged it back in, all was good. We all chatted for an hour or so, mean while the damn detector would beep randomly freaking us all out. I think we stayed up so late because we were afraid to go to sleep. We joked about leaving a note that it was beeping, just in case! Morbid I know.

Finally, we were all upstairs and the thing beeped four times again. But it wasn't as loud as I thought that it should have been. I had the idea to go and rewind the TV to see if that beep had been on there. Sure as shit, it was. It was Top Chef the whole time. They were being timed on a challenge and the timer would go off, beeping four times. So every time the carbon monoxide beeped, it was just the stupid TV. Other than the first time of course, that luckily didn't damage our child's hearing.

That is the long story sorry. The rest of Thanksgiving was great. WE went to Adam's parents house for turkey, stayed and watched too much football. Friday all the "kids" went to the Stars game. It was fun. We pimped the Mini of course. I knew it would come in handy!:)

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