Friday, December 9, 2011

Monkey Time

My little monkey turned two. I still can't believe it. So how do you celebrate turning two? With a slightly Curious George themed party. Duh. As I think I have mentioned on here before, Dylan loves "monkey." It has become his lovey. He takes it to school with him, gets very upset if you take it away from him, sleeps with him, cuddles him, well you get the point. He loves the thing. While he also loves Mickey, I decided to go with a curious George theme. Well mainly red, yellow with a splash of blue.

I spent way to much money on a cake, but hey, until Dylan can tell me " Mommy, I want a racecar cake" I get to pick what they look like. I like to think of the cake as the center piece of the party. I'm pretty sure this one was, as well as last year.

I limited my crafty this year as well, seeing that I had a little less time to spend. I made a balloon wreath for the door, that will now be a staple for all birthdays in the family. It took me about 2 hours, and about 500 balloons to make, but I was pretty happy with the way it came out.

For favors I did Curious George books for the kiddos, and red and yellow M&M wand things for the adults. We also didn't make all the food this year. I ordered a chicken nugget tray from Chick Fil A, and we made ham and cheese sliders, had some chips and dip and veggies. Even though we purchased stuff this year, my sister and I were still technically "late" to his party. Luckily everyone else was too.

I would say the biggest hit was the balloons. I ordered 2.5 dozen, and since they got to the party late, most of them just ended up on the ceiling in the formal dining room. The kids loved playing with them though. Dylan would take them from the short ceiling and let them go up into the entry way that is two stories, then say " Uh Oh" It's his favorite. Though he hasn't learned that if you do it on purpose, its not an uh oh!

Dylan was spoiled by all the gifts as well. He got some great toys, books clothes, and lots of cars! I need to think about rearranging the playroom and adding more storage so that they all fit. Because we haven't even gotten to Christmas yet!

My picture taking was pretty poor this year. I didn't get any pictures of Dylan with Grandparents, or just me, or my sister or Adam's sister. It was pretty gloomy outside as well, so the lighting stunk. So I used my on board flash, so the quality of the pictures isn't that great either. But I think there were some cute ones.

I will do an official Two year post once we get his stats at the Doctor on Friday!

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