Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mommy's night out

I love weekends. I think the United States needs longer weekends. Two days just isn't enough. Not enough for me, not enough for Dylan, and well Graham doesn't really know much yet. Dylan and I just love having Daddy home. I get some time to myself, and Dylan gets to play with Dada.

This past weekend started out as well as it could have. Girl time and alcohol. Luckily I didn't drive, so to say I was a little drunk was probably an understatement.

The evening started out at Casa Milagro, there were swirls, I swear if you haven't had one, run and get one.They are so good. I was pretty tipsy after just 1, though I did keep asking for water and the waiter wouldn't bring me any! " He lost it" So after two drinks there, we headed back to Courtney's new house. So cute by the way!

A large bottle of wine gone, broken wine glass ( which I still am going to replace) some " sizing up", TMI, party planning, vacation planning and good times had by all. I'm pretty sure I can honestly say, I was not the only one still drunk or hungover the next morning! Can't wait for the next time ladies!

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