Thursday, December 8, 2011

Graham { Two months}

Another month gone. Everyday we get more into a "routine." As much as he lets us anyway. This month, still has not brought us sleeping through the night, he still has not brought us consistent eating, but it has brought us smiles, coo's and lots of love! Cheesy I know!

It's amazing how different my two babies are. While at this point Dylan was unswaddled, sleeping in his crib, through the night, and on a pretty predictable schedule. Graham is none of those things. Though he still is a pretty laid back baby, he is taking his time. His arms are like helicopters, we can not leave him unswaddled at night. You might remember from his one month post we were not swaddling anymore, well we learned he slept better wrapped up. He refuses to sleep anywhere for longer than an hour or two, except the swing. Yes yes, he is still sleeping in the swing. Though mommy is desperately trying to change that.

He is very impatient. He wants food NOW. Not in the 10 seconds that it takes to make a bottle. While I'm still nursing, we are mostly on formula, and supplementing with breast milk I like to say. I would say I still nurse 3 times a day maybe. Enough that he hasn't gotten sick with his brothers three colds.

He is giving more smiles away, loves to be held, and is getting better at putting himself to sleep. A great quality. He is loved by so many people, and if he is anything like his brother will be spoiled rotten by his aunts, grandparents, and family friends.

Two month highlights:

Weight- I'm going to guess about 10.5-11 lbs. We will find out on Friday.

Not sleeping through the night. One day he gave us a 7 hour stretch, I was hopeful. Fail.

0-3 month onsies

Eating anywhere between 2-4 oz bottles. Frequently.

Still loves bath time

Not a big fan of having snot sucked out of his nose!

Everyday he gets more content, and that makes us happy. A happy baby makes for a much more peaceful, and stress free day.

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