Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dylan update

Something was funny
Well, we are a month into Dylan being 3.  I still can't wrap my head around it.  He was such a blast this year, as well as a little irritating or course.  He really loved opening gifts, but then of course wanted to open whatever the toy was.  I like to save toys an give them out all year, so they are not bombarded with a ton of new things that they only play with for a few days then couldn't care any less about.  So I packed up lots of already opened gifts.  Every time that we have been back to Grandma and Papa's there have been more gifts that have come in from family, so he thinks Christmas lasts forever, and a few nights has asked us if " Hohoho" is coming.
Baby jail?
1st day of MDO 2012
Speaking of speaking, we graduated from ECI speech Therapy on his third birthday.  We will still be going ( probably when we get back from Aussie) to a private therapist.  He is up to his age with his speech, though still doesn't have the K or G sounds.  Which they tell us is pretty common for delayed speakers.  His enunciation could use some work, which is why we will be going to therapy.  I've been told we probably only need 6 months to get him 100% caught up!  Sometimes, I still wish he couldn't talk.  He has really learned how to manipulate us.  We tell him " lets read one book before bed"  He looks at us an says " TWO"  He has also learned he can tell us what he doesn't like, and what he wants!  WE hear a lot of " I don't like that( when he does of course) and lots of " I want a cookie"  He insisted that that was the only thing he would eat for breakfast yesterday, then caved and had cheerios when I would give him one.  ( Grandma has spoiled him with ice cream and cookies sometimes for breakfast!)

We had his three year check up last week.  He loved the Doctor.  I told him everything the Doctor would be doing when we got there, even told him he had to check his ears to see if there were any "puppies in them"  So when the Dr came in and Dylan said " No puppies in my ears" Dr. Daniel was very confused!:) Everything checked out great.  He grew three inches, and three pounds in a year.  Which sounds like a lot, but it put him at 26 Lbs, and 37.5 inches.  So of course we are still trying to pack pounds on him.  WE let him eat butter, ice cream, tons of crackers, it's basically a struggle to get him to eat.  His Dr. isn't concerned though, said he just doesn't need as much as a 35 lb kiddo needs.  He can see how much energy he has so I guess I shouldn't worry about it.

A little crazy

He has recently become a little more possessive of " his" toys.  It probably doesn't help that Graham is becoming more interested in doing exactly what his big brother is doing.  Little squabbles here and there.  I guess that's what having a brother is all about.  Sadly for Dylan, he will soon be outweighed, so sitting on Graham isn't going to work;)  He still loves his brother very much, and shares his beloved things such as his monkey, though Graham has his own, his "choo Choo" blanket, and certain balls.  He will tell Graham it's alright, when he is crying, and will come give a hug.

I feel like he has learned so much this year.  He can sing his ABC's, and count to about 12, though he always forgets 4.  We are working on that.  He says these sentences that I am blow away by.  He tells me things or answers my questions, when I didn't think there was any way he knew the answers.  He has become much more interested in movies in the last months as well.  He is
Supposed to be napping
currently obsessed with the Toy Story series.  He is such a sweet sweet soul, who in all honestly, has become so much more whiny now that he is three. Hopefully, he will be out of that soon.  I look forward to watching him grow and learn so many more things in this coming year.  I can't believe I have a three year old.

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