Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mama Favorites

I've seen people doing this on several other blogs, so I thought I would do one!  It's not really something the boys love, just something that I love!  Socks.  Lots of people love the socks with the grippers on them, but I have never found any that I liked, would stay on well, didn't shrink, you know all that stuff.  My MIL had purchased some clothing items to keep at her house for when I forgot something, or the boys stayed the night so I didn't have to pack them clothes.  Well one day she sent Dylan home in these socks.  They were orange, and compression socks.  Kind of like the socks I have to run in.  Really snug, didn't slip down his heal, fit his foot perfectly.  I LOVE THEM.

Fast forward, probably 10 months, I asked for them for Christmas.  I thought they were Sketchers because they had an "S' on them.  She searched high and low, couldn't remember where she got them.  Come Christmas morning though, they were in the boys stockings.  Wanna know where they were from?  Target.  Cherokee brand.  She bought Smalls - The "s" and Mediums.  The mediums are actually too big for Dylan's feet right now so he is still in the smalls.  I always forget to see if they have XSmalls when I go.  They come in fun colors, and they are easy to match out of the dryer ( hey, I'm easily "wow'ed" So, if you need some new socks, check these guys out.  They are the only socks I'll use from now on.

So what are some of your favorite products.  I have one more new thing I'll try to write about soon!:)

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Ashlee said...

I absolutely love the Just One You Carter's snap bibs and I've only been able to find them at Target. I hate the velcro ones because they irritate the back of her neck, so I found these beauties and now recommend them to all moms! Thanks for the socks post...hopefully, they come in girl colors!