Monday, January 7, 2013


I get lots of ideas from pinterest.  Many that I will probably never do, but sometimes, I do follow through.  When Dylan started school I realized that I was being over run with "projects" many of which he had scribbles some color on a piece of paper, but I found out that I didn't have anywhere to put them.  Our fridge isn't magnetic, so I only had a little bitty section on the side.  It filled up quickly.  Then I saw a pin where someone had put sheet metal on the inside of a cabinet!  AWESOME!  Sad day when I found out I didn't really have a good cabinet for that. Well a few months later, I found something I DID have room for.  As the post said, I called a few heating and Air companies, and quickly learned that Wylie companies apparently think it's humorous that they would sell sheet metal for a home improvement project.  I asked Adam what he thought.  Within a few days, we had us a professionally cut piece from a supplier he used as his old job!  AWESOME! it only took another week or two of it laying in our living room for Adam to actually get around to installing it.  It isn't finished because I haven't been to walmart to get any mail organizers ( which I desperately need) and I was a little sad that the magnetic letter game I wanted for the boys has been discontinued as well.  But never fear I found some dinosaurs and some numbers for them that are on their way!  Maybe once it is completely finished I'll do a short update.  I thank pinterest for this idea.  I hope that this will keep my kitchen cleaner and my brain more organized!

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The Links said...

This is amazing. I wish I had a place in my house for this!!