Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, there are two reasons I love Sunday's today. 1) Chocolate Chip Coconut Bread pudding. 2) Homemade Ginger Ale. I know what you are thinking, Ginger Ale? Yes, Adam is a huge fan of Alton Brown, and we watched him make it so we decided today was a good day to make it. So we'll see, though we won't get to drink if for 2 days because the yeast has to create carbonation!!!

Nothing much else going on this weekend. Friday and Saturday were a little iffy, because I was still not feeling 100%, but today I am! Friday when I got home from work Adam was playing Halo, but since I was home, he stopped pretty quickly. We made dinner, Italian Chicken and Broccoli ( I really should start a food blog, since all we do is cook) and watched some of our many recorded shows. Saturday, we got up and went to Circuit City, since they are going under, in hopes of finding a cord for the computer, which we had sucess, had some Panera for lunch then headed home.

Adam went to play poker, he is very excited because for once in his college career, someone has actually managed to put together a weekly game. I would have gone, but again, didn't feel well! Maybe next week. I watched We are Marshall. Which I thought was going to be like Remember the Titans, until everyone died, then I remembered. Silly Me!

So nothing much happening here. And there probably won't be until Adam goes to Bangladesh, so sorry for the boring updates!:)

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