Thursday, February 19, 2009

A little late, but Valentines day recap!

It was soo nice to have Valentines day on a Saturday this year. A great time to just spend some good quality time with Adam. ( Not that I don't do that all the time, but ohh well!) So it actually started out on Friday, I came home to beautiful roses, which opened up very nicely. And we just kicked back and watched some TV. We also started making homemade Cinnamon rolls for V-day morning. I woke up, popped them in the oven and the smell alone woke Adam up. We ate those in bed while watching our beloved Food TV!! For lunch/brunch we had chicken salad with crackers and MIMOSAS!!! That's right, when my hubby bought me flowers he also got a couple bottles of Champagne to enjoy. So we had one bottle for brunch, then saved the other for after dinner ( which we didn't drink) Dinner consisted of prime fillet, shoestring french fries, and broccoli. Followed by Ina Gartens Brownie Pudding. Which I highly recommend! It was DELICIOUS. Days like that remind me how much I love my husband, and how good he is to me.

didn't they open up nicely?

Though we don't "celebrate" Valentines day with gifts( other than flowers) anymore, it is a great day for some couples to reconnect. I hear a lot of girls say that Valentines day is a "Hallmark Holiday" and it just makes me sad. Because as much as ANYONE wants to think that they don't care about the " Hallmark Holiday" or Valentines Day, a piece of them wishes that someday, someone will do something special for them. I've been lucky enough to find that person when we were very young, and also fortunate enough to know that he will also never completely disregard any special day.

Next up: Birthday events!

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