Monday, February 2, 2009

I caved...25 Things

Here it goes:

1. I have a degree in Interior Design, yet I work in Accounts Payable for a Tax software company! It's only temporary though.

2. My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the Pedigree Commercial for adopting a dog. haha the Rhino with his head out the window!

3. When talking on G-chat or something similar, I put at LEAST one ! at the end of every sentence!

4.I love to bake, not really cook though, that's Adam's area!

5. I WILL be that mom that has fresh baked goods after school everyday! I have to make sure my kids play sports or they could be in trouble;)

6. I got the exact speed limit in school zone, this drives my husband NUTS!

7. I am terrified of how long it's going to take us to sell our house.

8. I'm going to start a food blog.

9. I tend to take off clothes and shoes and leave them there. I'm really bad about this.

10. I love to vacuum. Always have.

11. I hate folding laundry, putting it in the washer, then the dryer I can handle, but folding... ugg

12.My Husband and I are best friends. Have been since we were 15.

13. I have only kissed two people. My junior high boyfriend, who happened to also be the Best man at my wedding, and Adam:)

14. Our idea of a good night is getting some good food to cook, maybe a bottle of wine, and watching DVR'd TV.

15. We have two DVR's, and STILL have shows that overlap. We watch too much TV.

16. I watch EVERY episode of American Idol.

17. I read the Twilight Series in like 2 weeks, in September. Then carried on to read 16 more books in 2008.

18. We treat our dogs like kids. We talk to them, and talk for them. They sleep with us, and we arrange ourselves so as to not disturb them. It's silly.

19. If our littlest dog Bailey, can manage to not run away or get hit by a car for the next 3 months, we'll be happy.

20. I try to be environmentally friendly in anyway I can.

21. I love going to the grocery store.

22. We bought 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies at the grocery store yesterday.

23. We make a weekly menu before going to the store, so we can get everything at one time. Yet, we ALWAYS forget something.

24. I very rarely do anything at work. I do things like this:)

25. I never change out my purse. I will carry the current one until I get a new one.

Wow, I had to struggle past like 15, it's harder than it looks. I tag anyone who reads this!

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The Pettijohn's said...

I love to vacuum too! My husband thinks that is so weird!