Thursday, July 1, 2010

5 is too many...

Well for the last 7, SEVEN Months, everyone has heard a whole lot about Dylan. I have neglected our first born. The Fur babies. Now of course some are now our adopted fur babies, but they are no less, fur BABIES.

They don't do a whole lot. Louie is old and fat, but still every one's favorite. Because well, he loves to be loved. Who doesn't love that. We are working on him losing weight, it just isn't happening, poor guy. I would have ten dogs if they were all like Louie. He loves everything, and everyone. Especially his teething baby, who leaves spit everywhere for him to lick up!

Then there is the FEMALE dog. She is the first female I've ever had, and will probably be the last. She is the most high strung dog in the world. She barks at everything. Is scared of everything ( luckily we've gotten over the thunder thing, for the most part.) She always humps Louie, yes you read that correctly. SHE humps Louie. usually his head. She doesn't eat very much, thus making her look emaciated compared to Louie. She does love her daddy though. Not so much me, I mean she likes me, but doesn't love me. And she couldn't care any less for Dylan either. Won't go near him.

And last but not least of the dogs is, our adopted baby, Gator. He was my mom's. He is a good dog, which is why we still have him. I don't think emotionally I would be able to give him away, even if he was being bad. WE always wanted a dog that
fetched, now we have one. He sucks walking on a leash, so he usually gets left behind. He will get his energy out in the yard, where Bailey and Louie just lay down or stand there. He's a little over whelming because he's so big, and doesn't really listen to anything. OH well!

Siren, oh the one no one hears about. The cat. She was an only cat up until April.
Now she really hates us. We brought two more cats into the house, finally re-homed on, and are currently working on the second. Anyone want a cat? She hates Gator. She isn't fond of Dylan even though he LOVES her, she loves his stuff though. He laughs when he sees her, then she runs. It's kinda funny, but she will be in trouble when he is mobile. she is little miss priss that's for sure.

Hercules, the cat we are currently trying to re-home. He is a grumpy, fluffy grey cat. This cat is the strangest cat ever. Of course, I blame it on my mom. She would put out a cup of ice water for him every night. Because " That's how he likes his water" Well let me tell you. With six animals and a baby, there is no way in hell I was going to put ice water out for him at night. So what does he do? FIGHTS FOR THE SINK. I swear, brushing my teeth has never been so hard. He will butt heads with me to get to the sink water. Also, taking a bath is terrifying. Because he was squat down to drink the hot bath water. He will dip his tail way down in the water, though I don't think on purpose, but still, One little slip and I will have a cat with claws in the tub with me. Scary.Sorry no pictures of Grumpy. If I stumble upon a good one I take it and post it later!

SO there you have it. The animals of the Fenner house hold. It's amazing how they all have their individual personalities, but still manage to drive Adam and I crazy on a daily basis. It's like having 6 kids. The second we get up, not only does Dylan scream at us until we feed him, but so do the cats. And the dogs hover around us, tripping us until we feed them. Mental Note: We will NEVER have this many animals, no matter what Dylan wants, again!

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Ashley Kate said...

We have a Siamese cat named Chandler who looks just like your little kitty! :) Love you dog pics. They look like some happy pups!