Monday, July 26, 2010

Busy, Busy Bee's

Dylan and I have been busy little bee's these last few weeks. For those of you who don't know, Adam got another contract job, which might turn into a full time position if he wishes to accept, we don't really know the details or anything yet though. So, with him being gone, Stay at home Mommyhood has begun. You know, it's harder than I thought that it would be. Dylan is mentally exhausting. He doesn't like to stay still, and see that he isn't too mobile yet means I have to do a lot of work!

We've been shopping at the outlets, Babies R US, Home goods, Target, the grocery stores and the mall, we went to visit Aunt Erin and Michelle in Bonham, they came to visit us, we go on morning runs ( for my sake of course), bounce in the jumperoo, and have mastered sitting. We are trying to keep ourselves occupied. Not only have WE been busy, but Dylan himself has become quite the little adventurer. One thing that I have learned being home with him is... WE ARE IN TROUBLE. He is into everything, wants to touch everything, eat everything, see everything. It's funny and exciting at the same time to see his little personality shine.

Because of this busy-ness, he has been giving us the biggest issue with eating. The kid doesn't like to eat, when there are more exciting things he can be doing. We usually just lay him on the couch in the boppy and feed him, but he has learned that he can push himself up into sitting, so now it's almost impossible to feed him unless he is STARVING! I can no longer have the TV on, or my phone or remote near him or he immediately NEEDS to have it. Luckily for us though, he doesn't seem to through temper tantrums when we don't let him have something, he just finds something else to try for, and the cycle repeats itself until he can have whatever he finds.

I'm so excited to see him crawl and walk, but wow, I am going to be in BIG trouble when that happens!

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