Monday, July 5, 2010

Everyone is different...

Now that's a statement I'm sure you've only heard a million times in your life. I've had this conversation several times since I'm become a Mom. Everyone raises their child differently, as well as every child is different. It starts from the beginning. Some might see this post as a little soapbox-y but I don't know if these are things that people think about or even know about. So here goes...

CAR SEATS! Exciting huh?

When my mom and I went to buy Dylan's travel system, I got the lowdown from Bob, our fantastic salesman, about the new regulations regarding car seats and safety. The new law effective June 1, I believe, was the children under 4'11 or 80 pounds are required to be in a booster seat. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? I always sat in the front seat, let me tell you, Dylan will not be sitting in the front seat for a LONG time.

As many new mom's know, there is an infant seat and then a convertible seat, and last but not least the booster. Until recently the recommendation, for the infant rear facing seat, was, 1 year or 20 pounds. The NEW recommendation is 2 years, or until the child reaches the seats recommendations. For example, we will be getting Britax convertible. They are releasing a new convertible seat that can rear face until 40 pounds. So in my estimation, Dylan will be looking out the back window until he is 5! I kid I kid... MAYBE.

According to some research I have done, head and neck injury from car crash is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 12. Why would anyone want to take that chance? I know the chances are slim that you would be in a crash that bad but still. I feel like it is drinking throughout your pregnancy thinking..." It's a small chance this baby will have Fetal alcohol syndrome." Just seems like an unnecessary risk. Again, I know this sounds a little one sided, and I of course don't care what you choose to do, I just thought that I would get it out there. Seems like a simple thing to me, so what if you kiddo has to look out the back of the car, they won't know the difference if they always have.

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