Sunday, July 4, 2010

7 Months*

Dylan turned seven months on Friday. It baffles me as to where those last 7 months have gone. I feel like he should still be a tiny little thing in the hospital! But you know what? He's growin' up. Yes it makes me a little sad, but I'm so happy with the silly little boy he is turning into to.
He has been really busy this month. Not that we have done anything to exciting, but HE has been busy. This kiddo can't just sit still anymore. He MUST. BE . MOVING. He still can't crawl, so he rolls, and when he isn't rolling, he is jumping, or with his latest baby mover contraption, hoping. I'm a little terrified of what he is going to be like when he is on the move. Because he can't even really move now and he is EVERYWHERE!

We've gone swimming a number of times, and he really does like it more each time we go, so that's great. He even tries to jump in the water, which I like to
call swimming. If only he knew to hold his head above water, that would make my life much easier. This month also marked his first fever. I won't go into details because I already have, but I'm glad that nothing was wrong with him, and enjoyed his cuddling in the meantime.

At a whopping seven months old Dylan is, still wearing 3-6 month clothes, and even some 0-3 still, loving on all his animals, though they don't reciprocate the feeling, "walking" with your new toy, Have no teeth- yet, can finally touch the ground in your jumperoo ( Still the Best 20 buck investment EVER), won't sleep like a normal child in your swing, laugh,smile ( open mouthed of course), and giggle all the time, love standing at the top of the stairs looking down- a bad sign of things to come I'm sure, and screaming Happy= Screaming, Sad= Screaming, Mad= screaming, Bored= Screaming. There is no stopping the scream.

So here is to another month of a happy baby, and wow, I guess I should like plan his first birthday party since it'll be next week! Also, I've linked a photobucket account because there were so many cute pictures from this month that I though, those of you who don't have me on facebook would like to see! Enjoy! ( For whatever reason it loaded backwards... sorry, the last pictures are the ones from the beginning of the month!)

Dylan's 7th Month of Life ( It works now!)

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