Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where did Quality go?

Being a stay at home mom allows me many great opportunities: spending time with my tiny man, doing laundry, like EVERYDAY, vacuuming 19 times a day, cooking, changing diapers, and well, watching some quality TV shows. You know,Full House,Saved by the Bell, Fresh Prince, Gilmore Girls, and my favorite 7th Heaven. Seriously, I loved all these shows as a younger person, with I guess the exception of Fresh Prince, never really watched it.
Why don't we have family shows like these these days? No clear phones, with cords, that show the inter workings of the phone itself, no words like " Going Steady", not very many true phone conversations ( These shows were pre- cell phones), there are no cuss words or anything like that in these shows.
Also, how come it is when I watch these shows, I am tempted to have 6 kids? It just seems like so much fun to have a huge family. Though, in reality it would probably be a nightmare. I just think it would be so fun to have lots of brothers and sisters to turn to. Take Brothers and Sisters, or Parenthood, the " current" Brady Bunch families if you will. Am I the only crazy person that thinks 6 kids wouldn't be such a bad idea? Maybe I'll have number 2 and decide, I think Adam will put his foot down on 6!
Sitcoms have come such a long way since these shows were on air. I am torn whether I like new shows or old ones better! What about you? What were your favorite shows as a tween?

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Murray Family said...

that is so funny! I watched Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven everyday religiously back in VA like twice through, i love it! I would love a big family too... but it's crazy the social pressure that come from all around that tell me I am crazy and who would want that... I have three kids and to be honest I am 90% sure reed and I will have a fouth... yah they drive me crazy but at the end of the day it is worth it... i say if you want 6 kids then go for it... if you don't then one kid rocks too!!! i have 7 brothers/sisters and it is wonderful to have them all in my life... plus i have like 16 nephew/neices and that rocks too!