Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mr. Snuggle-Puss

Well some of you might remember this post. I was without a picture of our latest kitty. Well, I think he must have read it and decided he would do ANYTHING for us not to give him away. I'm telling you, since the day after I posted it he has been the most loving cat ever, aside from when he bit Dylan for pulling the crap out of his tail, ears, hair in general. The second we sit down on the couch, he is there in our lap. Lay down on the bed? There is he. He doesn't even bother me when I brush my teeth anymore. He has resorted to using the water bowl.

See exhibit A.

A little lazy, but hey progress.

So there you have it, the 5th family member, try as he might, he must go. Any takers!?

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Ashley Kate said...

Aw sweet little guy! I am always finding strays and that's why we have four cats. Now I HAVE to find homes for them when I pick em up so that we're not the crazy cat people! Good luck with the little guy!