Sunday, October 3, 2010

T-Minus two months

Can you believe it? I can't. My baby boy is ten whole months old. Two months away from being a year old. Oh man, oh man. This month has gone by so fast, as I say with every month I suppose. Time never slows down. Dylan has done so many new things this month. It's amazing to look back just four weeks to see how far he has developed. The month started with our pediatrician telling us he was developmentally delayed because he didn't do things like stand next to furniture, or bend over. Well, that day I was determined to prove our Dr. wrong. We practiced standing, and well to my amazement, he COULD stand. We never stood him in his crib. That wasn't something I wanted to teach him. If he wanted to stand up in there, he would have to learn to himself ( which he did, today as a mater of fact). But our boy is growing up every day, and every day is a new adventure.

He can now pull up, he pulls up on everything. He LOVES to climb. I see lots of stitches and casts in our future. He is a boys boy. Wants to climb on the couch, on the "blueberry", which is a giant bean bag in his play room, the dishwasher door, our legs. If he is on the couch, he wants off. Sadly he doesn't know that he needs to go feet first though. No, he hasn't fallen yet.

This month we also tried finger foods. He loves him some puffs and yogurt melts. At the beginning of the month, he was great with feeding himself bites of food we were having. Then he started protesting, so we went back to purees, I think he is slowly but surely liking to feed himself again. I also learned, he loves mashed potato's and chocolate shakes. I guess he is my kid after all!

One of the negatives of our little fella this month is the dreaded separation anxiety. He loves his Momma and Daddy. If we are not in his sight. He cries. Which makes it very difficult for anyone but us to hold him, baby sit him, entertain him. I hope that this is a stage he will grow out of soon.

Speaking of babysitters, we had our very first non family babysitter on Friday night. It was a DISASTER. It was such a disaster, I think it will need its own post. But lets just say, a babysitter who is terrified of animals, isn't a good one for the house with 2 large dogs, 1 crazy dog, and a cat!:)

So Dylan's stats this month are as follows:

16.5 lbs
He is long enough now for his feet to rest on the footrest on his high chair. *tear*
Wearing 6 month clothes. Though we did upgrade him to 9 month sleepers because his feet were bursting out of the others!:)
He can pull to standing on anything.
Still doesn't babble a whole lot. Though he CAN say mama, dada, nana. It's just a very rare occasion for him to talk.
He is eating 3, 8 oz bottles a day. Sometimes that's a struggle. There are so many other important things to do.

He has 5 teeth. finally he will stop looking like a little vampire baby. Though I'm kind of grown to love those little fangs.
He also will give High Fives, but won't wave or clap. He has priorities, and being cool is one of them I suppose.

Lastly, with only two months to go, Mommy has started planning a birthday bash. I have already placed my order for a custom made celebration day t-shirt. Daddy has roughly designed invitations. We have picked out gifts. We are getting there. Mark your calendars. December 4th with be the day. I can't wait. Not only is this party for him, but also for Adam and I. Hey, we SURVIVED being parents for one whole year. I think that's something to celebrate. And no, I'm not the crazy birthday party lady that will be spending $2,000 on a party and inviting 50 people. We just want it to be our friends and family. It should be a good time. I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure you'll be hearing more over the next couple of months.

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Brenda said...

One thing "older" moms will tell you is, kids do things when they are ready to do them!!! They all decide at different times when they want to pull up, stand up, and walk. Take what the doctor said with a grain of salt. He may the one that refuses to stand or walk until that day he sees something he wants and takes off after it!