Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Perplexing pumpkin patch*picture heavy*

This past weekend we ventured out to the pumpkin patch. Lets just say, this year was kinda silly. Dylan couldn't have cared less about the pumpkins, he was concerned with the Hay, the other mom's with cameras, the dead stems of the pumpkins, and well, his new girlfriend.

Me being the smart one I am, tried to make it out to the patch before his nap. See, he's only been taking one nap a day, around 12, lasting until about 3, so I knew I wanted to go before. But of course, they don't open until 10! Anyway, he fell asleep in the car on the way there, so Adam and I decided to get some food. That nap lasted about 3 minuets, and when he heard the drive thru guy, his eye's popped open.

Once at the patch, the photo frenzy begins. I do believe this is the FIRST photo shoot in his entire life ( since he can smile of course) that I haven't gotten ONE smile out of him. Dylan, you see is an observer. Anything new, he inspects fully, then decides if he wants it or not. So we let him play with the pumpkins for a minuet before trying to sit him next to them to snap some cute pictures. He wasn't having any of it. He was looking at the other mom's trying to get their kids to look at them. Now thinking about it, we should have just switched cameras. Their kids looking at me, my kid looking at them. Would have been genius! So after a few failed attempts, probably 100 pictures, we moved over to the row of pumpkins you could take home.

This is where Dylan found what he wanted. Dead pumpkin stems. The kid loved them. He crawled around and collected them. Putting one in his mouth while having two in his hands. I'm serious, WHEN do they stop putting everything in their mouth? So that photo opt was a bust too. Maybe the hay stacks?

Oh no, Dylan wanted to look like a farmer. In the mouth went the hay. But hey, pun intended, we now know he isn't allergic to hay. he was crawling around in it, eating it, rubbing it all over himself! So one last chance for a good photo, the place they had set up with scarecrows and hay. Dylan fell in love. So of course, no good photo's with smiles looking at the camera. I was just there to catch he and his girlfriend in action.

Oh well, maybe next year.

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Evan and Nicole said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! We hung the branches from fishing line from hooks on the ceiling. It was a job.. my sweet husband did them all. I just told him where to hang them and he did it!

Dylan is getting soo big! I love all your pictures you take of him! They all look incredible. I wish I could learn how to use our camera better - We have Cannon Rebel so I could definitely get some good shots... if I knew how to work it!:) ha!