Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A glimpse

I love having two boys.  Whenever someone asks me if I am going to have a third for a girl, the answer is usually no.  I want a third child, not necessarily a girl.  If I get a girl, great, if it's a boy, well at least I know what to do!  I love that my boys are close in age, they will be great friends.  I got a little glimpse at my future yesterday.

Graham has recently started actually playing with Dylan.  He will roll over to him, not sure why but it's funny, and then try to climb on him.  I think Graham watches Dylan and Adam play on the ground together and just wants to do it too!  I don't mind boys being boys, I know they will fight, but yesterday, Graham thought being sat on was funny.  All of the giggles are coming from him.  It went on for half and hour like this.  I can't wait until Graham can walk and entertain Dylan a little for me!

This video is what I'm going to use to show Dylan when he complains to me about Graham sitting on him, when Graham is the bigger of the two.  Only a matter of time!

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The Links said...

I agree. It really annoys me that people think that I would be unhappy if I had a boy next. I'm not going to lie, I would love a girl, and we will probably try for a third if we have a boy next, BUT, I kind of want a boy next. I don't have a sister and Matt doesn't have a brother so we don't have that special bond with our siblings like some do. I would love for Pearson to have a brother, plus I that would be our only chance for three kids. I really want 3 but Matt just wants 2. So if we have 2 boys, I think Matt will let me try for a girl with a third. But like you, I'll be happy with 3 boys too!! That video was too cute, and that REALLY makes me want to have another boy!!