Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We made it!

We made it to our town house in the mountains at about 2:30 their time. Not bad.  We quickly set up pack and plays so that Graham could get a nap.  We knew Dylan would be too excited to actually take a nap.  We were right.  But lucky for us, he did go to bed early.  While the townhouse Adam's parents rented was really nice.  It was terrible.  It was on the mountain, so of course they built up.  There were, like 6 or 8 ( I forget) flights of stairs.  I consider myself in pretty good shape, but dang, in the mountains, that was tough stuff. 

We spent the first night at home, we didn't want to risk taking the boys out for dinner, not knowing how they would react.  That was a pretty good idea, because Graham was not a happy boy come dinner.  We unpacked, and discussed the weeks plans.  Adam and his dad planned to play golf two of the days, while his mom and I planned on the Spa and lunch another day.  I honestly would rather Adam play soccer 5 days a week than play golf because it takes way to freaking long.  He is gone for 6 hours when he plays.  It's like he went to work!:)  But the weather was too nice to deny him playing twice on vacation.  I know, I'm too nice!:)  The first day they played, his mom and I loaded up the boys and walked across the street to the park.  Grandma had taken Dylan the first day, so it was old hat to him, he wanted his shoes off, and he wanted to swing.  I set Graham in the grass, he wasn't a huge fan! 

We ate at many good restaurants, our favorite from last year was a hit again, Sweet Basil.  It's probably the best restaurant in Vail.  Yum, Yum.  We also tried a Latin place, a tapas place, we ate at home a few nights, Adam and I had a date night to a resort on the mountain's restaurant. I know there are more, I just can't think of it. 

We obviously did lots of things, but I don't bore you with details. The most notable is probably the fact that Graham got a new tooth while on the trip.  This didn't make for a very happy GramBam, nor did it make for very fun diapers.  I'm not sure if it was the tooth cutting, or some of the yummy table food he was trying, but he had an upset tummy basically the whole time we were there.  Luckily, he seemed to be acting fine, but he was not happy about the really bad diaper rash he got.  Luckily, a few baking soda baths and a trip to walmart for diaper cream worked it's magic and it went away pretty quickly.  But he came back with a new pearly white front tooth.  My baby is no longer a vampire. 

It was nearly impossible to keep graham from trying to kill himself on the stairs.  He is good at going up them, but obviously has no idea how to go down them.  He tricked us with his speed a few times, luckily I could him as he was rolling down the second to top stair.  That could have been bad. 

Dylan loved having attention from his Grandparents, as well as having Daddy around for so long.  He did great, was happy almost all of the time.  Though he did want to play in the water all the time.  There was a heated pool, but we knew he couldn't handle it.  It was too cold outside.  He did get to play in the fountains at the center of Beaver Creek though, he enjoyed that.  Though even that water was too cold! 

Overall, it was a great family vacation, but we were ready to go home, sleep in our own beds, use our own showers, and play with the toys that the boys didn't have there.  Oh, and to see our new patio!  ( blog coming on that soon!:))

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