Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Graham {10 Months}

Double digits.  Oh my.  I can't wrap my head around the fact that he is so close to one.  I even ordered birthday invitations yesterday.  Crazy I tell you.  Not a whole lots has happened this month really.  Graham continues to be a great baby.  Luckily for Adam and I, Dylan snapped out of his "terrible twos' this month as well, so we had a great month. 

Graham has really started to show his personality.  He is so laid back compared to his older brother.  For example, when he is tired and we are still out eating or whatever, he will just sit quietly and not scream like Dylan did.  But he is also silly.  His favorite thing to do is be upside down.  He also finds making his bottle to be hilarious.  I open the microwave and he giggles, I pour the powder in, he giggles.  His newest favorite thing is for daddy to hold him and play with the soccer ball.  He loves looking down at it and giggles. 

This month, he also learned, much to my disliking, that he kinda likes the pacifier.  I rarely give it to him unless he is just yelling for no reason.  But he often finds them himself.  So resourceful.  I never let him sleep with them, and when we are in public, I take it out.  I don't want him to get attached to it, because it'll be gone soon. 

He hasn't really progressed on standing.  He did stand by himself at Becca's once for like 60 seconds, but I don't think he has done it since.  Maybe this month.  He is a pro at walking with the little walker push toys though, so who knows, maybe he'll walk before he turns one. But he sure can crawl, fast. He usually heads one of two directions, our closet to chew on shoes, or the kitchen to play in the water bowl. 

Lately he has become a little bit of a snuggle bunny at night.  after I feed him, he will lay his head on my should and let me rock him for a good 15 min.  I LOVE it.  We have hit a little of the separation anxiety, I think.  Last week at the gym they said he had been crying the whole time I was gone, but they thought that it might be his teeth.  He is this close, to cutting a front upper tooth.  I can see the corner of it, but it hasn't popped through yet.  Those he does have 4 pearly whites, I'm hoping his vampire look will be gone soon!

This month we went through a little bit of a bottle strike.  I'm not sure if it was because of teeth or what, but for a couple of weeks, the kid refused to finish a bottle.  Which with Dylan we were used to, but not this guy.  Luckily, he is back to finishing his bottle.  I am working really hard on getting him to eat more table food.  So far he like, graham crackers, shredded cheese, peas, carrots, green beans, bread, french fries, asparagus and he was pretty iffy on the Mandarin oranges!  On vacation we will probably be trying mashed potatoes and some other things since we will be eating at nice restaurants!

Graham continues to love his big brother, and has even knocked him over a few times.  It's pretty funny.  Dylan is getting a little more possessive of his toys now that Graham has started trying to yank them out of his hand.  We are working on " trading with Bubba." I make Dylan give Graham another toy if Graham has the one he wants.  It works pretty well.  Graham loves when Dylan comes up and rubs his head and says " Hey Bubba"  Graham also loves his night night hugs and kisses from Dylan the best.  They sometimes get a giggle.

Graham still doesn't really have any words per se.  His favorite is bop.  Which might mean ball.  I'm not positive. He can say mamama, dadada, nanana, bababa. None of them are the correct way of saying them of course. I'll take the sounds though.  I love when he says bop too!:)

I can't believe that my baby is almost one.  I hope that the next two months go as smoothly as this one has.  I can't wait to see what Graham will be like when he can walk.  I so look forward to watching my boys run and play together. 

10 Month Stats:
19ish pounds
30ish inches
Eating four eight oz bottles
3 solid meals a day
wearing 12 month onsies with with occasional 9 month
9 and 12 month sleepers, 6 month if they have no feet
sleeping pretty good, though still waking up too early for my liking!

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