Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Menu

Since we are back, we made a menu, in hopes that we can shrink our stomachs back down to normal size.  All the delicious food and booze got to both of us.  It's just so hard to not eat too much when you are eating such yummy food.

So this week, I remembered about a blog that I read years ago, and so a few of our meals come from there!

Last night: Crispy Parmesan tilapia with roasted tomato caprese Salsa., and wild rice

Monday: Picking up something after Adam's indoor game.

Tuesday: Balsamic Chicken, spinach and tomato pasta salad

Wednesday: Grilled Cheeseburger wraps, Greek salad

Thursday: Baked tomatoes with quinoa, corn and green chilies, garlic toast and zucchini

Friday: picking up something after my indoor game, but before limo birthday festivities.

Saturday breakfast: Cheese Bacon biscuits

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