Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting there

We were gone a week.  I'll break up the posts into three so they don't bore you too much! 

You are welcome honey!
We had been asking each other for weeks what the other thought was the best time to leave.  WE had decided early morning on Saturday.  So I thought.  Friday I spent all day doing laundry, cleaning so we could come home to a cleanish house, and getting the dogs situated for their sitter.  Adam comes home at 5, and says " Have you given any more thought to leaving tonight?"  Well to be honest, I hadn't thought about it at all, I thought that we were leaving in the morning.  I hadn't packed a. single. thing, I had a soccer game at 9:42, and well, it was already 5pm, and I hadn't taken a nap that day.  Needless to say, I needed an answer because I had already given a "yes" to attending my game, and I needed to let someone know if plans had changed.  The answer was, " lets leave after your game." So I scrambled to get packed, the boys, me and Adam, toys, diapers, baby food, baby gates ( that proved useless) soccer stuff, clothes to drive in.  It was a mess.  We managed to get out the door just in time for me to not be late to my game. 

Remember, my game was at 9:42, stupid time yes I know, but that put us getting done 10:22.  Adam drove around with the boys during the game, hoping to get them to go to sleep.  No dice.  So when he picks me up, Graham had JUST fallen asleep.  We had to run by Adam's parents house, so we really didn't start out on our 15 hour journey until about 10:45.  So we get on the freeway.  People, we sat on 635( major freeway for those not in the area) for at least 30-40 minuets.  It was soo stupid.  Then we get to 114, with all this dumb construction and road closings.  At this point, it was after 11, and I think Adam and I both were having second thoughts.  I was gross and sweaty, Graham had woken up because of all the starting and stopping and Dylan was just kinda chilling.  But it was late, and we weren't even out of the metroplex. 

He required this really old towel on him!
Finally we get on a road that isn't closed and we get going.  Folks, will you believe me if I told you that the boys slept for the entire night?  I didn't think we had a chance.  No here is where I get bad mom of the year.  They were both forward facing.  I realized they could basically be laying flat if I could recline the seats.  Yes I know, technically it's against the law for graham to be flipped, but oh well.  He is back rear facing now, as is Dylan, so all is good.  But they slept.  Graham woke up at about 4:30, and played for an hour with who knows what, and went back to sleep.  They were both awake and ready to play at about 7.  We stopped at Denny's, then at a park for about half an hour.  Then we turned on Mickey and continued our trek. 

I think Adam and I stopped about 3 times total.  The mini seriously gets the best gas mileage ever.  We would only fill up because we were at a gas station.  Not because it needed it.  Adam drove the bulk of the way there.  About 10 hours, while I filled in the gaps of about 5 hours.  It was a pretty drive, and I'm super happy that the boys did great. 

( upon trying to take the pictures of sleeping people, I realized my camera memory card was dead, so no good pictures of the car ride.  Sorry!)

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