Friday, July 27, 2012

Ton's of Fun

I've been meaning to post the progress on the playroom for a while now.  But, I'll be honest, it's usually a disaster.  This week I decided I needed to pick it up, and vacuum the floor and everything.  So while the monsters were sleeping, I took pictures of a somewhat organized, clean play room.

I desperately want to paint the walls some weird off the wall color that would only work in a playroom, but I can't.  If there is a baby #3, this will be their nursery and Adam refuses to paint it twice.  So I'm stuck with "builder beige"

When Dylan was just a baby, I made the alphabet letters than go across the top of the wall that you see when you walk in.  We also put the chalk board wall up.  The most recent additions have been the crayon,chalk, and marker holders above said chalk board, the red shelves that hold bigger toys, as well as the Ikea easel that he got for Christmas. 

Both boys love spending time in the play room.  Graham likes to watch some of his pre school prep videos while chewing on blocks, and Dylan will color for as long as you let him.  They both love climbing on the " Blueberry" that's the bean bag.  And of course they love looking out the window at people walking by, the trash truck or mailman( the dogs too). 
I'm really grateful that we have a big enough house that we are able to have a playroom, as well as a guest room, but if there is a baby # 3, I think our guests are going to have to sleep on the couch in the media room.  I refuse to give up my playroom.  I don't want toys everywhere on the landing.  There are enough overflow toys there already!


The Links said...

I want a playroom SO bad. I told Matt that our next house must have an extra room for a playroom. All our family is close, so we don't really have a need for a guest room. Someday!!

Julie Rogers said...

Love your playroom--especially those letters you made!! And don't worry our guests get a blow up mattress;) Make sure to get over to our Baby Week, which starts today, at! Lots of great things, including some great giveaways!!!