Monday, July 23, 2012


Prompted by the occasion rather than being planned in advance

Last weekend ( late I know) we had a little impromptu party if you will.  Our neighborhood was having a pool party, after nap time, we loaded the boys up in the stroller and walked down to the pool to meet Becca, Garet, Carson and Caleb.  The pool was handing out prizes.  Carson and Dylan were delighted with the cardboard planes they got, as well as the tiny little bottles of bubbles.  Once we finally got everyone into the cold  water, it wasn't 15 minuets before they blew the whistle for "safety break"  Which is really just a reason for the teenage lifeguards to get a break from the sun.  Fine by me, usually we don't have to get out because of the babies!  This time was different. 
We were sitting with our feet in the pool when a lifeguard comes up and tells us that the pool has been contaminated.  Yup, a kid choked on water and vomited.  NICE.  Usually when this happens they shut the pool down.  Well, about 2 seconds later, they say they are closing it for 2 hours.  There were lots of unhappy people, and well 2 very unhappy little boys.  So we moved the party to our house.
Becca and Garet drove down, so they beat us to the house.  Carson opened the front door and set the alarm off.  I think this was the beginning of the spectacular evening ahead. Becca and I had taken " mommy drinks" to the pool so we were already feeling fantastic.  We filled up the two baby pools, ordered a couple of pizzas and let the good time roll.  Then a storm rolled in, really quickly and we had to move the party inside. It was nice to let the boys go hang with their daddy's, while Becca and I sat on the pouch, drinking and talking. 
We were having such a good time, I only took ONE picture.  A picture of Becca changing her baby Caleb, with Graham crawling all over her, and Dylan trying to hand her something.  All while she was in her bikini.  I am not going to post it, because well, I know she would kill me, and I value our friendship!:)
Lets just say, I ended the night, not remembering putting Dylan to bed at 11 pm the night before, and having a lot less Vodka than we started with!;)  I had so much fun with out little party, and it's always fun to drink at home and not have to worry about anything! 

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