Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The weekends around here have been jam packed lately it seems.  We usually take the weekend to try and recover from the exhausting week of work, and well, work.  After this weekend, I'm looking forward to next weekend for some rest. 

Friday night started out with a soccer game.  Becca and I are playing on a co-ed indoor team.  Our guys stepped down so that we could be guaranteed babysitters, and since they played on both Monday and Wednesday nights anyway.  After the soccer game we were going to hit up reverse happy hour at Houlihans, but we decided to stay at the Spectrum and have a pitcher of beer, or four, with the team.  It was a good time. We couldn't stay out too late, we had to get our rest for Courtney's super pool party bash.

This party had been on my calendar for over a month.  It started at noon, and went until our little hearts desire.  Adam and I had made arrangements to have Erin watch the boys all day, so we were free to do as we pleased.  Becca and I actually only stayed at the party a few hours before we left to meet up with her mom and sister to see MAGIC MIKE.  I'll tell you, Channing Tatum is one good looking guy, but his bad teeth are a deal breaker for me.  After the movie, we met up with the guys and kiddos ( We left our kiddos at home since we had planned for a day of babysitting,) and had some dinner and more margaritas at Glorias. 

After dinner we all went over( we went home and got Dylan so he could play) and hung out in Becca and Garets driveway to watch the South Fork Ranch fireworks, that we thought would go off at about 10ish.  Well, around 11 Pm we finally got some fireworks.  Luckily, Shanda had been so sweet and got all the kiddos a little goody bag, that had light sticks, poppers, and some other toys like a bubble blower in them.  They were great for distractions.  They all did great and Dylan even liked the fireworks.  I was a little afraid that he would be afraid of them because of the sound, but he just kept saying " Uh Oh" when he heard them.  He sat in Adam's lap and watched though. 

I am so glad that we have such good friends so close.  I'm glad that their family loves our just as much as we love theirs.  We hope there are many more holiday memories made in the future, just like this.

We had a great pre Fourth Of July.  We probably won't be doing anything to exciting tomorrow since Adam has to work, but he has Friday off, so he is going to go to swim lessons, then we are going to Chuckie Cheese for lunch!  It will be a good time. 

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